Frequently Asked Questions



Q - Where are you located? 

A - Just on the north side of the Glenwood Springs Post office on Colorado Ave, one block south of the courthouse. (See 'Contact Me')

Q - Do you provide Internet/Teletherapy appointments?

Yes! During the COVID-19, I am offering therapy only by Internet/ZOOM and phone.  When we can't arrange meet in my office, just call in through the portal to my virtual office. CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH A VIDEO ABOUT TELETHERAPY:

Q - Why did my doctor recommend that I do EMDR therapy? 

A - You may explore this in our first meeting and/or visit: 


EMDR International Association:

Q - What are your fees?  Please visit the Fees-Cost page, and feel free to speak with me about your needs and limitations.

Q - Habla espanol? Do you speak Spanish? Si, hablo espanol!

Q - Do you accept my insurance?

A - I accept some insurances (Anthem/BCBS, CIGNA, Optum, United/UMR, Jorgenson/Brooks, Mines & Associates), and when I am not a preferred provider for your plan, I am happy to provide you with a document you can file with your insurance company. Let's have a conversation.

Q - I think my loved one may be thinking of suicide. What should I do?

A - Ask them directly, "Are you thinking of hurting yourself or killing yourself?"  If you need help with this call me at 970-628-0280 or the Colorado Crisis Line at 844-493-8255, or call 911.  Don't overthink it. We are here to help.  

Q - What is your specialty? 

A - I am an EMDR therapist, trained to guide clients to their own wisdom regarding their hopes and fears. I consider EMDR to be a somatic therapy.  We work at your pace to release stressful events that for some reason are still weighing you down. This brings you back to a higher level of functioning, a lighter existence. 

Q - What ages do you work with?

A - I currently work with individuals 11 years old and up. 

Q - My teenage son doesn't want to go to counseling, but I know he needs help. What can I do?

A - Great question! You're noticing how he feels, and that is a good start to helping him. I suggest validating him  more by commenting on what you both know is true: "It does take time, effort, and courage to try something new." 

Q - My daughter wants to go to counseling, and I want to foster that.  What can I do? 

A - Terrific! How about making each session an opportunity for the both of you to have some special one-on-one time together afterwards each week?  (Take a walk together or go to a favorite place before returning home.)